help i'm startin irish traditional music in music class and i need to learn dadgad chords, any ones yu can submit wud be very appreciated thanxs
could you rephrase your question please?
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i was wonderin if yu guys cud give me some dadgad chords cos i kno that the chord formations are different in dadgad tuning
He's on about the tuning DADGAD as apose to EBGDAe.

On that note, sorry, I don't. I've only used that tuning for covers...
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thanxs very much appreciated

no probs, check out the led zep kashmir tab as well.
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And some Davey Graham. He was credited for bringing DADGAD into the guitar as we know it, borrowing it from Indian and/or Arabic music. Lots of people claimed he invented it but he always stated that he merely adapted it for guitar.
PowerTab has a chord list for a variety of tunings. It's a free download.


Open the program.
Click the red guitar icon in the top left of the tool bar (guitar setup) and note the tuning options on the right of the window that pops up.
Click on the little blue book icon (tuning dictionary) and select DADGAD from the pre-existing tunings.
Click OK
Next, click on the red book near the middle of the top toolbar (chord dictionary).

Every chord you can imagine is now at your fingertips. Have fun.
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