Or any Japanese made Ibanez Prestige RG and S models.

I've been trying to decide on a qaulity guitar to get now that I can finaly afford one but it's harder then I thought.

I used to always want a gibson but I cannot figure out what I'm paying for (or not getting) and I hate thier website.... so I've became more interested in Ibanez models.

My main problem is non of my local stores have any higher end models so I cannot try these 2 guitars and decide. Sorry to break that rule (I read the sticky) but my local shops have low end stuff and a few over priced used gibsons/fenders.

I play all kinds of music and have been playing for a long time. I play a classical guitar and a epiphone SG(low end) but I really want a qaulity electric guitar that plays with ease and gives a good clean sound. The Ibanez Prestige guitars seem to be the what I want but I can't really decide between RG or S. I want this guitar to be the only electric guitar I ever need and as far as I can tell one of these 2 should fill my needs.

Because of the price differance I's like to know what the real differance between these 2 models is as far as playability and sound.
I don't think the weight of an RG will really bother me, so if that's the main advantage of the S prestige I'd rather get the RG and save a little money. Though I don't see how less wood would cost more, so I'm guessing thier's more to the S then I can tell so far.

If anyone can give me a good compairision I'd really apreciate it.
I cant give you a comparison, but you were saying about the RG's weight... they weigh next to nothing, incredibly light guitars

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I 'm kinda in the same boat.

But I've asked around and some people have suggested to me to try out some Schecter guitars.

Sorry if i wasn't of any help though.
I've always had my eye on the RG3550 over the years, and now it's a Z and available in white.. Very nice.

Not cheap, though. You deffo pay more for the finish and slightly (I assume slightly) upgraded pickups.