well basically i want to build a guitar which i think basically will suit me best and i just really want to customise it and build it from scratch. i want to base it on a Ibanez RG7321 or a RGT6EXFX which ever one will be suitable for it.

what i want to do is build the body myself with help from my dad because i am like 15 lol =P

i might think about making the neck depends on the cost because i havnt got any money at the moment and estimated about £500 for me to build this guitar. i might just buy the neck premade though.

i want to put in a whammy bar. i want to install a kaoss pad into it which is £265 so basically half of the money is that. and i want to put some nice blue LED lights in the neck. im going to have the colour of the guitar body just plain black.

that it really but i would like some advise form people who have built guitars and that. and if anyone could like help in anyway that would be brilliant. im based in like birmingham. england. well a few questions.....

what wood would be best but like cheap?
should i buy neck pre made?
how much do you think it will come to the price?
what pickups should i get?
and anything else i would need to know.


Edit: when i get started i will make a thread and keep ypu all updated on the project =)

Edit: by the way i am a LEFT handed guitarist just so you know.
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Hey man, nice to hear your gettin YOUR guitar
It'll be an interesting read this cause you got some crazy ideas with the kaoss pad, bit matt bellamy aint it?
As some initial advice, id say buy a pre made neck, that way your dont have to worry about your fret wires and things, you can get pretty cheap ones if you scout around, i'd start with ebay
You can also get necks with the LED's already built in I think, I'll find the website off my friend for you
As for pick ups, what kinda style you gonna playin with it? need to determine a style before anyone can tell you that
I've never built my own guitar before, but apparently I know my stuff, my friends say i could be a good roadie lol so i'll keep with you through the project if you like
good luck man =]
hey thanks for all your advise and ye a bit matt bellamy. he has got to be my main influence and has been for over a year now. i love his sound and i want to be more that way so i want to start playing more like that. i think the sound is really kool.

and that would be wicked if you can get that site! i need to start earning my money!!

about the pickups, i want to start pushing my way playing like matt bellamy.

and thanks i would really appreciate it, i will keep you updated and that. might be a while before i get started though becuase got no money but for christmas ive asked my mom just for money all i want so will be able to start then.(yn) thankyou so much. =)
oh ye i keep on gorgetting im a left handed guitarist as well so i would need a left handed neck =/ sorry
Why don't you get a mini kp pad- £90. TBH wood isn't really that expensive. Basswood is fairly cheap and quite popular for RG style guitars. Alders good aswell. The point is that get the wood you want because of the tone you want. Mahogany is warm, alder balanced, ash bright etc. Research into it
i was thinking of getting a mini but im going to go for the original sized one.

and ill go in and research into it now. thankyou for the advise.
Alder is as mid ranged priced piece of wood but the tone qualities and the harmonics that it has is incredible. Pick ups Id go with Seymour Duncan, grover locking tuners, I would get a pre-made neck. But remember what scale it is because depending on that is were the pickups are going to be mounted. As far a tremolo bridge Wilkinson has some good ones and theres always the Floyd Rose style.

Hope this helps.

Are you gonna paint it a solid black?? You could always consider laying a Maple veneer over it to give it a nice exotic look and stain it a cool grey/black.
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I agree with anyone who's advised you to get alder. It's actually pretty cheep, it's well-rounded tonally, and it's really easy to work with.

If you've got the patience and confidence, make your own neck. I made all of my current build from scratch, bought all of the hardware, and some tools - and it didn't come to anywhere near £500.
the £500 includes the kaoss pad as well. so basically 200-250 on guitar itself and thanks guys i will use alder and i was going to paint it solid black but i will take into account with the other thing you said i might do that.
your bridge could be any, it doesn't even need to float really...unless you wanna pull some crazy ass dive bombs, which i admit on my Syn, is really fun
Alder is a great body wood yeah, but mahogany is also great, not sure how it compares in price, got a nice warm on the cleans, and immense sustain if you get the right pick ups
I agree totally on seymours as well, they make VERY versatile and varied pick ups that really do suit any style
It's all up to you really, you should do some crazy ass design on the body
Stencils are piss easy to make and cost nothing, and a tin of all round spray paint is about £12 if you live near a Wickes
But keep on it man, and ask if you get stuck, I'm sure the people on UG can help =]
There's nothing better than brainstorming a custom built ax. However, you don't want to all those great ideas and hard work to flop due to lack of experience. What I mean by that is to get a pre-made neck.
As far as woods, I also would suggest Alder. Like they said, it has balanced tonal qualities and is relatively easy to work with.

Do you currently have any guitars equipped with a floating bridge? Even if you do, it is imperative that you know everything you possibly can about them. Setting up a floating bridge flawlessly can be the difference between very good and very bad things.

Things to remember to take care of when setting up a floating bridge:
Saddle height, intonation, equal spring/string tension, bridge level, trempost height ect. If you've never set one up before.. its very important that you learn about it before you do it. Also, lube the knife edges/trempost slot with chapstick.

I would highly suggest a Schaller Floyd Rose. Although a bit pricy, their probably the best floating bridge in my opinion.

As far as pickups, I also would advocate the use of Seymours, but this time I'm thinking some Dimarzio D-activators. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mFY6OgKIdTo see for yourself. Outstandingly versatile passives that sound like actives even.
Anything with a double d instantly rocks
I'd say against the d activators, unless that guy really has NO IDEA about tone, they sound HORRIBLE
The distortion was way to blunt and the clean was way too sharp, and you don't need delay on every solo you do, PAUL
Dimarzio do make great pick ups I admit, but that guy has just put me off em completely, even though I'm getting an X2N soonish
If you wanna play full on metal, Seymour Duncan sh-13 (i own one), Dimarzio X2N, EMG 85
I'd go against putting an 85 in your axe though, it'd be a bitch routing a battery cavity
Well its really all about your amp and your ability to equalize and find that tone. Obviously in that video they use sort of weird tones for whatever reason. It would be wrong to judge those wonderful pickups so quickly as video's would rarely do them justice, and I must add they have tremendous potential. With a good player, and a good amp... cant go wrong.