I have been playing for quite a while, but i have difficulties keeping tempo to a chord progression, i have tried tapping my foot, but it just doesn't work. Im trying to build an inner click in me, so i dont have to rely on a metronome

Can someone suggest me a few songs that focus on rhythm to play from the scratch before i start on more rhythmic songs?

Also, ive started on improvising, i've learnt my major and minor pentatonic scales and some basic arppegio shapes, however, after some time, ideas tend to stop flowing in and i find that my music starts to become very 'bland'. So, what are some things to take note of during improvising and tips would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance
You need a metronome.
Metronomes aren't there to replace your natural rhythm, they're to help develop and enhance it.
Like the other guy above me said.
You need a metronome.
How can you build an inner-click, if your inner-click at the moment is way off?
It's like trying to nail a nail into the wall, but you don't have the nail in hand.
so what are some basic exercises that i can work on with the metronome?
Simple chromatic exercises are pretty goos with metronomes if you want to have that "Inner Clock".