I recorded this song last night, I hadn't recorded anything for a while but I was sat watching the x-factor on tv (yes, very sad I know) and came up with the rhyhtm guitar part. Went straight to my room afterwards and recorded it!

I had orginally planned to put strings and maybe some piano on top of it so I started recording it using a metronome but then I got too excited near the end and sped up! Let me know what you guys think, whether you'd like to hear a version with strings and piano.

Crit for crit as always, check out Oblivion on my profile:


and its called Oblivion because, unimaginative as I am, I have the box for Oblivion with next to my pc, very imaginative I know!

Cheers for looking
Wow, man, that sounds so epic; like movie soundtrack epic. You did a little good job recording the acoustic, it sounds very professional, full and mellow. You should go for the piano and strings bit. Maybe the piano doubling the harmonics might work fine. I would re-work the bass part, though, and make it a little more complex, but that's only my opinion. Great work, dude.
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