So ive been messing with my Alexis setup & im pretty happy with it, however im not quite satisfied with the action.

I mean its pretty low & everything but because the bridge is now really low im finding that I cant scoop that much on the tremelo anymore as when i pull up it just hits the body & I cant go any further, which is annoying as I like to wiggle my whammy bar a bit...
So my question is, is there anyway to get a really low action whilst maintaining some leverage for tremelo tricks?

Im craving a super low action but at the same time im kinda missing divebombs & stuff so could somebody please help me out here & let me know what I can do about this.

yep, pretty much perfectly parallel...like i said ive done most of the rest of the setup quite well, im just struggling with this particular issue
umm im not sure that will help really since the tension is just about perfect, as i said before with the bridge being parallel to the body...& anyways im pretty sure that adjusting the springs & loosening tension only makes it easier to use the tremelo, whereas my problem is the fact that i cant move it enough as their is a chunk of body in the way...

anyone else have ideas? maybe someone who currently owns a guitar with a trem & really low action could walk me through what they did to achieve that whilst still being able to scoop significantly
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loosening the springs can make it so the bridge is pulled forward a bit more - so you can pull back on it a bit more. Unless you route out wood from the body of the guitar, nothing else is going to allow it to pull back further.

what technique is a "scoop" anyway?

dump bar, hit note, raise bar iirc
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there is one suggestion i have. i have never given such a suggestion before.

bring it to a luthier, and get him to saw off that piece of guitar body that is in the way.