Hi all...
Just got a hold of a nice bugera 6260 head. I run it through a marshall 4*12 cab and play a 2006 gibson les paul standard.

I really like the sounds i get from the head, however i find that it breaks up incredibly early.

When on the clean channel and the gain only about 2 and the volume about 3, I have to play very softly with my guitars volume at 10 to avoid crunch. i can help this a bit by rolling back the guitar vol, but still have to use light picking. Is this really normal or is there something wrong with my head?

btw, I use the stock burstbuckers and they sit relatively low, so this shouldnt be the issue.
well the 6260 is based on the peavey 5150 (or 6505), both of which are notorious for having a mediocre clean channel that likes to break up quickly
they are based on the peaveys but ive seen videos on youtube of the bugera putting out a nice clean tone
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Black Stone Cherry [use peavey 6505] have gain at 2 [and bass at 10]. Go listen to the gain they have,
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even this early? (gain at 2, vol at 3)

It does sound a BIT early. I had theh 6262 head and the cleans were perfect. The 6260 not so much. Use your guitar's volume control, that should help a lot.