A blast of air for dust would be fine. For gunk that a simple blast of air won't remove, use an old, soft bristled tooth brush.
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Its air, think about it Just make sure you hold the can upright and not upside down. You know how cold a can of compressed air gets when you use it? Well that 'liquid' or whatever it is comes out when you flip the can and it could mess with your finish if it gets on the body not sure cause its really cold, but you shouldn't use it upside down anyways.
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Finger prints on black guitars are a bitch huh Use one of those cloths that you can buy in music stores and wipe down after playing. They are like $3 and worth it.
2003 Music Man Axis Pacific Blue Burst
Yea, my guitars black, and it is my last black one too, they look so nice, until you touch them...Thast why my next gutiar is gonna be white.

For the air thing, you could always use CO2
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