I'd guess either a tremolo or rotary effect (volume, not pitch) for the intro.

It's a wah pedal on the outro.
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The intro is Tremolo

and for the outro...
That, my friend, is called a Wah-pedal...
OH THE END aha, oops @ me not paying attention. Yeah Wah-wah pedal at the end Xd
I had to do this for my friend, i used Tremelo and a light touch of a MXR Phaser, but again that could of just been my ears. I was very inexperience then and now it kinda just sounds like Tremelo. end = wah
the intro is f/ucking REVERB! Outro is Wah

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the intro is f/ucking REVERB! Outro is Wah

Isnt Reverb more of an reflection/echo effect, so its like a large room, not a "duh-duh-duh" broken up signal?