A while back, my guitar teacher and I had a bit of a problem with the FR on my guitar because the 12th fret on the high E frets out too quickly. Well after a string change and bridge adjustment, the FR began to creak when I dived on the whammy bar side of the bridge. The creaking never gets picked up on the amp, and only happens when I dive.

Any help?
This is relevant to my interest...

Mine does it too, but i think the creaking is coming from the springs in the back, but i cant be arsed to find out what exactly is wrong
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my springs rub on the wood...never mind..only stops tuning being stable..
yeah mine used to do that
i sawed off the corner that scrapes the springs and now it's fine
but then now there's new creaking on the knife edges/bridge posts because the edges are very dull and it seems to be getting duller annd duller