Uh so. I have these two chemistry worksheets. AND THEIR HARDDD!!!! so. please help me. please. i wanna finish them and go play guitarrrrr. so like basically all i need to know is. what does this mean: Q=(mass)(s/constant)(deltaT).

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Q is charge, delta T is the difference in temperature, e.g. T1 - T2, and I have no idea what the 's' is. Been ages since I did physics/chemistry.

Edit: I think Q is wrong actually.

Double Edit: Disregard previous edit.

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Me too, a truly boring subject if you're not really interested in it.
it's the energy exchanged between reactants and surroundings (Q)
which is calculate from heat capacity x mass x temp change

so Q= 4.18 J cm-3 K-1 x volume of solution in cm3 x temp change
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i think its something to do with the change in volume

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Energy = mass x specific heat capacity x change in temperature.

that's right. I don't know what 's' and 'constant' are, but obviously s/constant must be specific heat capacity.