Guys I have a terrible problem. I have a Schecter Hellraiser FR with EMGs and a Telecaster. I haven't been playing either of them recently because I've been playing classical a lot. Recently I went to plug in my Hellraiser and I was playing it distorted and it was all good, then I switched over to clean and it sounded like shit. It was still a little bit distorted when I was hitting lower notes or chords and it was disgusting. I don't think my Hellraiser sounded like that when I first got it, I only started to notice a change last night. Clean sounds perfect when I put in my telecaster so I think it's a problem with the guitar not the amp. Anyway I changed the batteries for the pickups and the problem's still there. Any idea what can be wrong?
make sure its on the neck pickup
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back off the volume on the guitar/mess with other settings

it was probably like this before you just didn't notice because you were playing heavier music

its not meant for cleans, thats what the tele is for
EMGs aren't too good for cleans. Just put it on your neck pickup, and roll some volume, and maybe some tone off aswell.
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i played it clean and played some fingerpicking flamenco on it when i got it on neck and bridge. sounded a little twangy but never distorted. i think im gonna get it checked out.