I just completed a new set of songs and I sort of put them in an EP kinda thing. This time they are just 4 songs and I think they are a little more on the electronic territory, although I never get too far from my "guitar rock" kind of style. I'm getting more and more interested in synthesizers (I've been listening a lot to Gary Numan) and I'm using them more often now. I guess in the near future I'll try to make a fully electronic project, but these songs are more guitar driven nonetheless.

So, enough rambling, you can listen to the songs online here:

Or you can download them from here:

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Listening to 'Fate' as I type...

I like the quality of the production on this. From what little Numan I've heard I can hear an influence in both instruments and vocals. I can't decide whether I like that descending synth noise in the verses, but it certainly makes the song stick out! I didn't see the bridge coming, I was half expecting a guitar solo but it works well, breaks up the song well. It's nice to hear harmonies in the vocals as well, really adds to the colour of the song.

Not the kind of thing I usually listen to but I like the combination of synth and guitar a lot.

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