I am new to all of this so if this sounds stupid then I admit I just don't know.

So I sprayed my guitar today after sanding it down and I was going to paint it black but I am liking the primer color. If I use a couple coats of primer and then clear coated it would that be sufficient enough?

Or should I get a grey spray to go over it? If that is the case I will just go with the original plan since I bought the paint already.

If you clear coat over the primer on some scrap and see how it looks, if you like it go with it, I dont see why it wouldnt work... (as long as the clear is durable)

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cool man thanks for the fast answer I appreciate it. I will check it out on some wood I have lying around.
Well primer has a fairly rough appearance, so like the guy said above, make sure you get a good number of clear coats on it and buff the shit out of it!
sounds good.

how many coats of primer should i put on it? I have 2 on it now.
Well, generally the rule is, put on coats until you think you have enough, then put on another.

Once you have totally even coverage, and cannot see through in any spots (examine it in very well lit conditions) then wet sand lightly to 600 grit and spray on another coat.

After that one, wetsand to 600, and clear coat it. Remember to sand in between clear coats every so often.

Once you done, wet sand progressively up to 1600 or even 2000, then buff it, and you have a professional looking paintjob.
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Thanks for the response.

You guys are a big help. I really appreciate it.
I agree. Pics. I'm going to be doing this once I have the extra money for a project guitar.
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