Will a orange tiny terror and a vox cab work for his sound?

Use a mxr micro amp to boost it clean and get some distortion and than use a english muff'n for solo work
Tiny terror is fine, pick up a big muff and a DS-2 and you should be able to nail his tone if you've got a strat.
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I don't know man. Frusciante plays a a/b rig with a marshall and a Fender. U shure orange can do a Fender dual showman?

Anyone got any sound clips of an orange clean tone?
Frusciante no longer uses fender amps, he uses 2 marshall majors and a marshall silver jubilee.

your information is outdated sir
Where dyou live?

In the Uk, I'd recommend the VC30. In America, I'd recommend the Blues Junior or the Peavey Classic 30. The TT could work, as John's cleans aren't totally clean.

Also, you'll want a DS-2 for his rhythm distortion, and a Muff to go with the DS-2 for his lead tone.
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