Hey everyone,

I got tickets to see In Flames on their North American tour in November, but its my first real concert (like with just general admission and no seats and stuff...). I'm kind of nervous (not like I'm a wimp or anything) about the whole moshing thing; since I'm only 16 and not that big I feel like I'm gonna get wrecked!! This probably seems pretty stupid to a lot of veteran concert-goers on here, but I'm just wondering if anyone has any tips for me going in to my first concert like this, or wants to share any experiences of their first concert themselves. I am also wondering how early I am supposed to get there, since the doors open at 7 and I'm not really keen on the first two opening acts (though I would like to see the third guest band and obviously the headliners, In Flames). Any replies are a great help!

It'll be fine. Gigs are always fun.

I expect most people will be around your age there anyway.
try to get to the front of the stage (or the gate that separates the fans and the stage) and hold onto it for dear life, if you don't want to mosh
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stay in the back and you should be fine

also, stay for the whole show including the opening acts... you're there for the experience, not just the songs
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i remember my first moshing concert. just go at it, what's the worst that'll happen? when you fall down in a pit, everyone picks you up. you might pick up a few bruises and lose a shoe, but I think that's the worst that happened to me in my first mosh pit. and I'm not that big, I was maybe 5'10 and 150 when I did my first mosh. and go for the opening acts, usually they get you in the spirit and make the headlining band so much better. as for timing, go early (probably 5ish), so that you can get right to the rail first thing.
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My first concert was Brand New.

for their devil and god tour.

****ing amazing.

if you want an amazing experience, get to the front.
most people at concerts arent complete assholes and they wont kill you.

there gonna be plenty of people there that arent in the pit, so just stick to the sides.

or if you just wanna hear the music, chill in the back
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try to get to the front of the stage (or the gate that separates the fans and the stage) and hold onto it for dear life, if you don't want to mosh

This, or stay in the back. I've never seen In Flames, so I have no idea what their pits are like, but if they're not deliberately injuring each other (punches rather than shoving/running around) go for it! Most pits the moshers take care of each other. Hell, if you're built well enough go for it anyway.
I was 16 or 17 the first time I took part in a pit, and I was (still am) pretty skinny. Currently parked at 5'11'' and 130-135 pounds. I was fine, and I've been in plenty of pits since then with no problems. I tend to avoid the really violent pits though, I'd get thrown around too easily.
man ive seen in flames live they're a force to be reckoned with. It's probably going to be crazy, no worries though in a pit everyones willing to help you up if you fall, they expect you to do the same thing, and id get there two ro three hours early. Also definatly watch the opening acts they usually put on a good show as well
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You'll be okay. I saw Megadeth when they did the first gigantour. That was my first show and it was pretty ****in' cool.
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