I'm looking to buy an orange tiny terror a vox 2x12 cab, and an english muff'n pedal.

I can buy or trade some stuff that i have,

I have a marshall jcm 900 2x12 combo amp, a boss eq and phaser

Please let me know if your interested or willing to trade anything
I've got an Orange AD30R 2x12 combo that is redonkulously good sounding and in good condition. It is the single channel version that they do not make anymore, and they sound better than the twin channel versions currently available. I just retubed it with JJ's and got some good Celestion Vintage 30s in it. If a cranked Triple Rectifier is like a blindsided football tackle to the gut, then this amp is like your girlfriend breaking up with you and kicking you right in the nuts full force--it is mean sounding. It is very distinctly growly and mean. These amps are hard to get in the U.S. if not impossible now due to their collector status.

I am asking $1200 for it or even trade on a Mesa Single Rectifier Head.

Its not a tiny terror, but its an orange and it sounds better. If you are interested email me at dukefn@hotmail.com.