Hi, i have had this strat for 2 years now and i havent played it since christmas last year so i am gonna mod the shit out of it!

I am going to be painting it either white or black i am still undecided but i will be using gold hardware throughout, everything will be bling! Going to use a Dimarzio Evo 2 in the bridge but i will leave the other pickups for now.

Unsure about pickguard colour atm, i will have to decide on body colour first ha!

Which bridge will fit best/look best out of these:


List of things to do:

Dismantle - Done!

Remove paint

Sand down body

Clean up body and mask up

Prime body

Paint - gonna use car spray paint.


After this is all done i will begin on the new hardware!

Here are pics of it before and after annihilation!


Never done anything like this before but i am willing to give it a go, doesn't matter how badly i **** up, it will work eventually!

Cheers guys, advice/comments very much welcome.
Sounds great man. Looking forward to the results

Check out my Silvertone "Surfin' Citation" build thread lower down. I did that all with car paint, and it turned out great. Proof you can finish a guitar for a tenner

Good luck