What do you guys that are self taught practice?


Cause ive been playin 9 months and im not terrible or anything but im trying to improve and i dont know where to start.

so if anyone knows any songs or youtube vids or techniques to practice can you post links or suggestions. thanks
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i think you are way too egocentric about music. not to insult you or anything, but in my opinion, that will eventually get in the way of your song writing.

to teach yourself alone, you have to stop coming to the web to check on sites about scales, chords and so on. self teaching is about figuring out stuff on your own.

you should memorize all major scales first, pentatonic scales in all the modes (learn the blue notes too) then harmonic minor scales, melodic minor (not completely necessary, but why not?), double harmonic minor for a more exotic sound, etc, etc.
don't neglect learning chords and arpeggios. for that purpose check the book on my sig.

and really, it's ok to admit you're not that good. no one in here really cares about that. but they do get annoyed at someone behaving like you. you're only fooling yourself while you keep repeating that. hell, i have almost 2 years of experience and i don't think i'm anywhere near good, and i don't feel bad about it. it only motivates me further to learn quicker and more.

plus: you should be proud of yourself that you're actually striving to be a well rounded musician in the first place. many, many musicians don't even care about the so debated theory. or even about technique. that's because they don't have enough self-discipline. that's something to be proud of.
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but im trying to improve and i dont know where to start.

The moment you ask the question is the moment you need a teacher.

Anyways, if you really insist on teaching yourself, listen to your favorite recordings and begin learning everything by ear.