Hey, im going to uni next year, and since ovbiously i finish school before everyone else, and start later than everyone else, i was thinking of going into france and italy with just a suitcase, Cash and a tent. And my method of transport would either be a rented scooter or a fully fledged motorbike :P I have a drivers lisence, i was thinking of getting a motorbike one, then eventually a pilots lisence, but thats a different story.. :P

Anyway, back to the main topic :P

I just wanted some of your thoughts since ive heard alot of you guys have tralleved around, either to gigs or various other places.

And if anyone could share GPS coords or nice places to stop in france and italy, and which parts to avoid - i might travel on my own, but i also might take a few friends - then id be very greatful

Im thinking of taking 2 weeks out, and just travelling france, and crossing into italy. Id probably fly into france, since i dont want to drive south to get a very long ferry ride, or just to catch the train (i live in the north of uk).

Any ideas or thoughts? Much appreciated, thank you

If any have similar travel stories, please tell
I've mainly just been to tourist places, but Florence and Rome are both awesome.
Monte Carlo is god awful, dont go
Rome's good though
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My only advice is watch out for those damn gypsies!

They all try to sell you one of 3 things and sometimes there will be 50 of them in one area. Very annoying.
Thanks for the info

Rome is very good apparently, my brother did a round the world trip, but asdly he spent max of 2 days there