Hey all, I play an Ibanez S series guitar (never was much of an RG fan) and i love it, the only missing thing is the right pick-ups.

Now to be honest i know sweet FA about pick-ups really, and which ones are out there, but i definitely need to get some new ones in. I play heavy rock and metal, and need something that can handle high gain leads, i can get away with it if i'm playing constantly as there's no time for them to feedback and sound crackly, but when notes are ringing out with more sustain the pick-ups start to waver a bit.

Money is of no concern, since this is the last missing part of what is an awesome guitar to me i would be prepared to purchase pick-ups whatever the price if they are the ones i decide on.

I'd very much appreciate some input as this has been on my mind for a while and i really need to get some new ones. I'm also going to be looking for a new amp soon, i play though a Fender and it's not really cut out for the kinda music i play. I'm starting to look at maybe getting a Marshall amp, but again i'm not too sure so if anyone wants to throw in some amp advice i'd appreciate that too.

don't bother with pick ups right now, wait till you get a new amp because fender amps are not meant for much overdrive. And what was the Marshall you were looking at?
I'll still need to change my pick-ups anyway since at band practice they have stack amps there for us to use, so it's not always my am i play through.

Are the EMG 81 and 85's active pick-ups? if so, does that mean i'll have to have a battery installed somewhere? i'd really rather not have to go through the hassle of all that, otherwise i think that might be a good choice as i'd considered those in the past.

Amp budget is about £700 maximum, i'll need something that can play gigs in pub-sized venues, and sometime soon perhaps larger venues like halls and things, so it will have to be decent sized.

I was considering getting a stack, so any suggestions of those would be good, then i'll really feel like i don't have to replace my amp for a long time, and i think they're awesome. Like i said, i play mostly heavy rock and metal and i'm looking for a Megadeth/Metallica kind of tone ideally.

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No stacks unless you genuinely need one or have a good reason for wanting one.
A 50W tube combo will do everything you need.

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+1 Its not the pickups holding you back, its the amp. The pickups aren't nearly as important as the amp when it comes to tone.
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Pickups aren't the issue here, it's the amp - wait till you've got something better suited to what you play, then you'll be in a better position to assess the pickup situation.
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