I don't see the Dicks get mentioned much here, but they are among my favorite bands so I'm making a thread about them. Discuss them.

My favorite songs by them are Dead in a Motel Room, I Hope You Get Drafted, and Dicks Hate The Police.

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The only song I've heard is "Dicks Hate the Police" cause my band covers it. I like it though.
Stiv got one of their records, apparently it's better than he thought it was going to be.

Aren't they on alternative tentacles?
The best punk band from Texas



Gary Floyd is my favorite Punk singer ever, his voice is a howl is of that of a black blues-man on crack.

****ing amazing band, I bought there 1980-1986 mix purely because I heard they were a mix of Punk and the Blues, and I am so glad i bought that cd, as it is one of my favorites in my record collection.

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I made a thread on them forever ago. They have some damn fine songs. The Texas hardcore scene as a whole doesn't seem to get the recognition that it deserves.
I finally got the album off Stiv. F*cking amazing.

The closest band they remind me to though, is the Partisans.