Many of you know who Blair morgan is, well he is my dads best friend and a truly great guy. Yesterday in Montreal he was doing his practice ride and caught a jump wrong... He landed on his back and was rushed to the hospital, His spine was severed, and he is now paralyzed from the waist down...
This is too you Superman we hope for the best for you in your long journey ahead.

This guy taught me everything I know about snocross, He taught me how to jump, how to lean. He'd always have us over, Gave us things from sponsorships. Hes bought me tons of things. Hell he gave me the computer I'm on right now. He was so courteous.
Why does the horrific things always happen to the best of people?

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I've no idea who he is, but it's very sad that that happened to anyone.
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I hope he can walk again. To hell with all of the doctors that say "you'll never be able to walk again." It will happen. It must.
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The Blair Morgan?

I will never watch motocross again.

Yes The blair Morgan.

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Sigh. My dads going out to the familys house and won't let me go

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