It is a curse that has plagued the music industry ever since the times of the Beatles and the Liverpool sound were birthed (not saying the Beatles' album was a sophomore slump, but just representing time).

What, in your opinion, was your most disappointing 2nd album by a band that you listened to?

Mine would have to be a two-way tie between The Human Abstract's new Midheaven album and Disturbed's Believe album. Midheaven was just...disappointing in EVERY sense, and Disturbed's album had a few token tracks but not much else unique.
well, disturbed is pretty linear music and to me doesnt hold much listening value in the first place. The only thing that comes to mind to me is My Morning Jacket's new album, even though its not their second album, its much different from their older stuff and nowhere near as good to listen to a 2nd time around.
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Nirvana, just kidding but I don't know many sophomore slump albums, most of my favorite bands best albums were the second ones or the second one was just as good as the first one.
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