Hey guys, a friend of mine recently asked me to help him identify his guitar. It is an older red Fender Telecaster. The serial number is at the base of the neck. Here are some pictures:

Sorry about the blurriness and thanks in advance for your help!
if you are talking about year, unscrew the neck and it'll tell you the year at the place where you screw it... I'm really bad at describing as you can see.
if you unscrew the neck, you'll see the neck year if you look for it.

but i think the body year is somewhere underneath the pickguard (not sure about this part)

btw, whats that blue splat on the front? friend's decoration, or poor paint quality?
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What's the actual serial number? We can get a date for you if we can see what it is.
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fender.com, resourses, product dating ... there's a chart dates fenders by ser # like said.

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do you honestly believe we can make out the serial number from that blurr pic?

nah, just thought location might have something to do with it.