I wrote this long time ago and decided to re-record a more polished version.

In hindsight I can see several problems: there are no interesting transitions between the melodies, just some generic drum fills, in general programmed drums will never sound as good as the real thing, I did my best to humanize it but it's still synthetic.

There also isn't any common thread or idea between any of the melodies, it just sounds like a bunch of folk songs pieced together, they have nothing in common.

I am also a very bad bass player so get ready to hear some finger squeals

Any way I thought I would share what I learned from writing\recording this piece. Any criticisms, general impressions are greatly appreciated.

I am particularly interested in the guitar tone (I know it's not brutal death metal, it's not suppose to be), and the sound of the overall mix.


The melodies almost make this sound medieval, and the drum beat made it seem like some sort of a march. It's pretty unique sounding - I mean, how often do you hear a medieval metal march? I like it though, it's got the drive of metal but with some unique and catchy melodies.

As for guitar tone, the rhythm tone was nice and fat but it sounded a bit computerized. Not bad at all though. The lead tone was actually pretty decent too. I think you could've given it just a bit more drive/gain, but too much would've ruined it.

I really enjoyed this though. It's something new and it's not something that you hear very often. There may have been a few minor problems but nothing really jumped out at me - I think it sounds pretty good how it is now. Nice job.

Crit mine?
I noticed the medieval sound, too. I enjoyed it.

The only things that I heard were a few timing issues, and at times it did seem synthetic.

Other than that, it was quite entertaining and unique. Everything seemed to flow together. Good job.

Crit/comment on mine?

Thanks for the comments guys, this song is the product of of several past UG input and critique, so I owe my improvement to this community. I still have a long way to go though and folk metal is not really my niche although I do enjoy it quite a bit.

I am still giving out crits though so don't be shy.
The production is spot on here. Very listenable. Honestly the drums don't sound bad, you controlled the dynamics as best you could, but something about listening to a drum machine with a human playing guitar will never sound how you'd like it to. There are a few times in this track where the rhythm and lead melodies really sync up well and deliver emotion. I would try to identify those moments and build on them.

Right off the bat the track starts well. Very rhythmic and a great drum line. Lead kicks in, and it does give the folk feel. The lead lick around 0:45 is awesome. The transition around 0:50 isn't bad at all. All the way till 1:20 everything is good. Then you bring back a part from earlier, but I think it might drag a little too long. Instead of repeating 4x, you could just do 2x, with that cool lead lick again on the second time. The part after, around 1:54 to 2:17, just doesn't seem to carry the same feel in melody as everything before it. I like the part that leads up to about 2:48 a lot better. Around here until 3:26 is probably my favorite part of the song. I think lead timing could be a bit sharper, but the melody is great. The outro is fine, not overdone, and a cool lick at the very end.

Overall you've done a great job on this track. I just think there are a couple parts that detract from it being ideal. The drums aren't a big deal to me, I listen to programmed drums all the time. I think effective transitioning like you said, would probably add the most to this track. I think the tones work for this type of music.

If ya get a chance, I got one up for crit
First off, I added it to my Soundclick Station

Very cool song, I have been getting into alot of the Folk Metal lately - Favorite Band would probally be Falconer and (they are sortof in the category) Korpiklaani.

Back to the song. like I said very cool - good recordings, it's nice and clear.

What was all used?

? Crit Mine ?
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Quote by starverse
First off, I added it to my Soundclick Station

Very cool song, I have been getting into alot of the Folk Metal lately - Favorite Band would probally be Falconer and (they are sortof in the category) Korpiklaani.

Back to the song. like I said very cool - good recordings, it's nice and clear.

What was all used?

Thanks for your comments,

Falconer is definitely one of the best folk metal bands, if you like them you may like Mithotyn it's the same guitarist\songwriter. I particularly like the album "Gathered Around the Oaken Table"

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The rhythm feels almost exact as Ensiferum's - Dragonheads.
Although im sure this was heavly influenced by it
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Ahh...Folk Metal, my favorite flavor of metal. And you have a song with great potential here. There are some unfortunate timing issues with the main melody (almost like one guitar is 1/64th of a beat behind the other). That and the guitar tone could use a little more "beef". Just feels like it wants more. Put some lyrics/vocals on this bad boy!! Overall, fantastic job here, 8/10.

If you don't mind returning a crit....
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