I recently (yesterday) acquired a PedalTrain, and now need to power it.

I have been using a Visual Sound 1Spot, but I would rather move to a power unit.

The two I see most recommended are the Voodoo Labs +2 Power Supply and the DC Power Brick.

Is one better then the other, and if so, in what way? Are there any other factors that could influence my purchase?

EDIT: Also, can you mount a DC Brick to a PedalTrain? I know you can mount a Voodoo Labs power supply to it, but I know nothing about the DC Brick.
the voodoo labs is supposed to be better. the isolated outputs help reduce noise and ive heard its higher quality. from what i can tell the powerbrick just seems like a glorified daisy chain from its description, so im not sure i would want to go with that one.