I've been playing on a Randall KH-15 since I've started playing, and I'm looking for a new amp that will last me a while, and of course, sounds good. I've looked into Peaveys, Bugeras, just to name a few, but the B-52 ST-6012 Combo has stuck out the most for me so far. Can anyone fill me in on how well it would suit my play style, or how they sound/ how good they are in general?

I'm mainly going to be playing prog/ metal, nothing heavier than more melodic BTBAM stuff (colors era). I'm open to any and all recommendations if there are any others. Budget is no more than 750 USD.

Thanks in advance .
The ST is pretty cool.

I think you'd like the AT-112 a bit better though. Check out Bugera amps as well.
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