I have a strat I bought late last year, I tuned it today and the tuning peg/key whatever u wanna call it was extremely tight and somewhat hard to turn, while the others were normal and turned easy whats causing this and how should I fix it?
has it been easy to tune before, or has it just started doing this?
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it just started doing this I put it in drop c to try and play distubeds Indestructable and when I was tuning the low E to an F it was still normal, then when I put it back in standerd it was tight
Some strings do - depending on gauge and what string it is - require more power, just the way they are sometimes. What tuning are you going in? Beginners tend to Tune UP insteand of down, causing problems of tightness and occasionaly breaking bridges.
what do u mean what tuning am I going in? I usually only play standerd or drop d with an occasional drop c and what do u mean by tuning up and down? sorry for all the questions I wasnt formally taught how to play
If the tuning peg has a closed mechanism (unlike classical and certain acoustics), it probably has dryed a bit on the inside. The tuning pegs are actually closed, on the inside is the same mechanism used in tuning classical guitars, exact these ones contain a special oil/lube, helping the tuning pegs to turn smoothly. There was probably a leak, or evaporation?
Well if that's really the problem and it happened not too long ago, you can check for some oily stains near the tuning peg.

Another suggestion might be that there's too much friction at the nut, causing the tunner to tighten. Maybe the string is caught in the nut. Have you changed string gauges lately?
uh....a couple months ago I went up a size in the 4-6 string but the lower three stayed the same and its the 1st string giving me trouble

EDIT: I just checked it for an oil leak and turned the peg with no problem so why was it hard earlier but not now?
Maybe the string ate away at the nut and got caught in it? These are the only suggestions I can think of right now. Try turning the tuning peg a little, maybe it'll loosen up a little. If the problem doesn't go away, bring it to a shop to get it checked out by a luthier.

Hmmm, was probably just caught in the nut or something. Anyways, if it happens again, bring it in to get it fixed. Or change the tunners.