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Danelectro Honeytone
5 25%
Fender Mini Deluxe
0 0%
Marshall MS-2
1 5%
Fender '57 Mini Twin
1 5%
Orange Micro Crush
12 60%
Other (please specify- under$60)
1 5%
Voters: 20.
Ya, I'm going off to college next year and I also thought it would be fun to walk around the house with my amp on my belt. So which one is the best?

P.S. I play alot of classic rock and some stuff like fratellis and arctic monkeys.

Danelectro Honeytone: http://www.guitarcenter.com/Danelectro-Honeytone-N-10-Guitar-Mini-Amp-481850-i1398410.gc

Fender Mini Deluxe: http://www.guitarcenter.com/Fender-Mini-Deluxe-Amp-480704-i1145406.gc

Marshall MS-2: http://www.guitarcenter.com/Marshall-MS-2-Mini-Amp-100037524-i1145911.gc

Fender '57 Mini Twin: http://www.guitarcenter.com/Fender--57-Mini-Twin-Amp-103247318-i1145519.gc

Orange Micro Crush: http://www.insound.com/Orange_Orange_Micro_Crush_Mini_Amp_Mini+Amp/productmain/p/INS44024/
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I've got a crush, sounds decent and seems very sturdy. I bought it blind based the fact it's made from wood and metal and isn't cheap plastic like the others.

I had a fender one and it broke on me. I've heard good things about the dano one, but again, it's plastic and liable to break.

Note, the orange micro a bit heavy for a mini amp so beware.
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Orange has an OD, so id get that. WOW OMFG ONE WATT! :P

They all have OD...

I hear the honeytone is good so i voted for that one.
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The Honeytone is surprisingly good and cheap. I recommend it based on the fact that it's the only one I've ever tried.
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the honeytone is great for the price. i have 2 of them.
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You know what, just get the Marshall or Orange. So what if it'll sound crappy, it'll probably get the amount of distortion you want better than the others. Like mcrfobtai said, it's more for fun than s00per 1337 tone.
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