Hey guys, Jackson RR7R for sale, a guitar I've had for about 6 years now, it has been well loved and well played, being sold simply because I need the money there are a couple of marks on the body (like I said it has been well played!) but nothing major, and also as you'll notice from the pictures one of the machine heads has been replaced. I'm a novice when it comes to guitar repairs and didn't have the know how to fix the original head and I couldn't find an exact replacement anywhere, so the one I fitted was more of a temporary replacement so the guitar was still in a playable condition (hence why the head is a different design to the others). I DO however still have the original head which I'm sure is repairable to someone with the know-how. The guitar plays magnificently (it has a very meaty low end, killer pickups, tons of sustain and a really biting attack) but because of the headstock and the scratches I'm going to let it go for around £250 (price is negotiable), which for a guitar that (as far as I am aware) is no longer in production and cost me over £700 when I bought it I think is a pretty reasonable price. It has just been restrung and I've had the action set up pretty low (just how I like it) any questions or offers, just reply here or email me at:-


Payment I'll accept would be Paypal, Money Orders or Cheque (guitar would only be delivered after cheque has cleared of course) and as for shipping, Im willing to ship by courier to anywhere in the UK (incuding the cost of shipping in the final agreed price for the guitar), or arrange a pick up, whatever is best really details can be sorted out in due time





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Ok they seem to be working now and 175 is a bit too low for me, especially if im going to be shipping it and whatnot :p