Na krovu letala, ki je letelo proti Kaliforniji, je potovalo šest ljudi, štirje izmed njih so umrli na kraju nesreče, dva, nekdanji bobnar skupine Blink 182 Travis Barker in priljubljeni DJ Adam Goldstein, sta strmoglavljenje sicer preživela, a so ju s hudimi opeklinami prepeljali v lokalno bolnišnico.

however a friend of mine linked me that... let me translate it for oyu

there was this plane flying to california (6people on board) which crashed... 4 of them died, the rest (travis barker and this DJ guy named adam goldstein) survived with burns they were taken to the local hospital

i am SO sorry if this is the wrong forum to post this.. but i have to know is it true??
who are the other 4 guys?
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