anyone ever crafted a bolt-in neck? I have PRS templates, but i am a firm non-believer in set-necks. I am just curious as too how it is made... i am assuming you just route the neck pickup... then route the neck-pocket right inside of the pickup? how is the neck heel constructed?
what guitar is that? i need to see the back of it to be sure.

Also, anyone know where i can get bolts/threaded inserts for the neck? i want to experiment with this method.

like this!

I think what people do is take the PRS set-in method and turn it into a bolt-in. You have the heel of the neck that tapers out to like .5'' thick under neath the neck pickup, t wo screws go into that part, the other two go into the fatter part... i think?
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Yes, that's the way the PRS neck joint is, the two are joined, and the neck tenon is routed around the neck pickup for clearance. My concern is that with bolts into that thinner section, you'll create. you'll create a weak point that could break. The PRS design works just fine because the glue holds it from all angles, so the load is distributed.

As far as the heel, on a PRS the heel is blended pretty well to the body, not 100% but close.

It's not impossible to do by any means, but you're gonna have to take lots of care in making sure you've got good quality wood for the neck and around the pocket. You'll also wanna run some fairly large washers as shown in the picture you posted.


There are some screws, you'd need to cut two down for the thinned out portion of the neck, or find some other substitute.

I think that the PRS joint is much easier to obtain with set-in construction. May I ask why you don't wanna use that method?
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You have it sussed addict.

If you have the 23rd fret squared off, then you need to route the neck pickup first.

If you have it rounded off like a strat, then it needs to be rounded so that your router bit will fit inside the curve, so you can have wood between the neck and pickup.

Those are the two things to consider when doing a bolt on, apart from that, same deal.
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Ohhhh... so it's a set-neck as far as construction of the neck and pocket are concerned, but you secure it with bolts instead of glue?

Seems logical, and no glue required - and we know how you feel about glue, LP.
yeah, glue + neck = shitty idea.

Neck through is okay with 5+ laminates, but i wont touch anything less.

I like bolting things in, but i hate the idea of bolted-on... very fenderish... i think this is a good thing here. as always you will needa clamp to get the neck into the pocket... im trying to find a place to get metal screws and threaded inserts to press into the neck... i want it just like it is in the picture.
Well, I don't really see your logic in disliking set in necks, or neck through with less than 5 laminates, but that's besides the point.

You don't need threaded inserts, I'd sidestep the cost and effort of using them.
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wow i like this idea. you can get a smoother heal/body joint. its one of the things that really bugs me about my fenders