Hello peoples, I have an Epiphone Accubass. I want to change the pickups because the magnets are rusted on it. It gets a cool punchy grunge tone that i like, and want to keep. So i was wondering, what pickups should go in?

a few that i was looking at was EMG PHZ, Fender '62 bass pickups. and others.

Help would be cool. I am looking for a good price.
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Those rusted things are the pole pieces, not the magnets. The magnets are hidden in the bellies of the pickups.

I have no experience with bass pickups in particular, but I know from experience to steer clear of the passive EMG 6-string pickups.. so I'd probably say the same about the PHZs.

But, if you like the tone of your current pickups, why not sand the pole pieces back with some wet and dry? Or replace them.

Do you want to change them for aesthetic purposes alone? If so, then a tiny bit of wet and dry should remove the oxide and leave it shiny.