A friend of mine suggested this website that you are at, and he swaers by them. i like them alot too.

However, you may want to try musiciansfriend.com first. You can serch by price range and find a better bass possibly. Also, for the price, if you finf one you like, Ibanez basses are the shizz.
You REALLY need to use the searchbar.
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The general rule is: You get what you pay for!

and if your looking for a first bass I recommend the FAQ, theirs a big section there about both amps and basses! Good luck with your bass playing : )
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The general rule is: You get what you pay for!

i agree, it is most likely crap.

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can anyone tell me anything based on the actual specs of the bass itself rather than just automatically saying its bad because its cheap or am I out of luck?
well, they spelled "incredible" wrong on the website...

....maybe that's why I don't like Rondo!

On topic, the specs look ok, but I don't know if anyone here would have insight as to build quality, playablility, or something like that. I'm not sure if anyone around here even owns one. And maybe there's a reason for that.
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idk. i really want a 5-string bass but at the same time I'm trying to keep the price as close to 200 dollars as possible. I bought my crappy ibanez for 200 and it's worked fine for me. as to why no one has one, rondomusic is the only site I've seen selling them. My friend bought an Agile guitar from them and he really likes it, so who knows. I've also heard from other people that Douglas is good but I guess I'll just have to see.

can anyone suggest a good (ok, decent?) 5-string bass for around 200 dollars? or possibly something that would be an interesting 4-string?
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I don't know about the Douglas, but I have an SX Jazz and it's the best bass I've owned. I had a few SX guitars too and they were great. I trust Rondo stuff. Besides, they have a great return policy.
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GSR200, from ibanez, will walk all over that if it sounds like all the other rondo things I've heard.
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