So recently my step-dad wanted to pick up playing the guitar. he's mostly into country, johnny cash style. anywho, he said that his uncle got a guitar from a guy who used to be pretty well known, "he used to play a bunch of shows in vegas," is how my step-dad put it. anyway, one day he said that my step-dad's newphew took it to a guitar shop to get a pickup fixed and when he went back to pick it up the owner said that he could pick any one guitar and any one amp and make a trade off. Just the other day I got to play this, and today he told me I could play it whenever I wanted it. Its a Peavey T-60. I guess, does anyone know who might of played this guitar? I've looked on the web to see people who have played it and I can't find anyone. Thanks a bunch!

-the dude
Right after some investigative work..

Roy Nichols - AKA Merle Haggard Wiki

and Johnny Copeland - Wiki

Merle Haggard was pretty famous - grammy's etc, 38 Number 1 hits
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