Hey UG I got a little question. Im going to soon be purchasing a MIM strat, and am getting a deal on texas specials. I realize theres going to be a lot of hum due to the single coils. I was thinking about maybe getting a humbucker of some sort in the bridge for some more distored stuff, but I dont know how much im gonna need a HB, since ive never played the pickups. I was just wondering if anybodyhas some experience with these pups and can tell me like how bad is the hum with distortion, or if I should try to get noise cancelling pups. Thanks.

BTW Im getting the set of texas specials for 70$ if i decide to get them. I also plan on modding the bridge and possibly adding a spring in the back. Thanks
play the guitar before thinking of modding it .

plus, if there's a lot of hum you can revert the polarity of the middle pickup , some strats have that already
yea i know. Im gonna play the guitar in a week or so. what do u mean by revert the polarity of the middle pickup?
he means reverse, I think.
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