hello, i have a 2x12 cab with 2 75watts speakers in it. I have a SS head, and a tube head that I want to run simultaneously thru the cab in stereo.

Will this kill the cab? I wont' be cranking it up, but make it just live hearable (thats like half the volume in the solid state, and like 3 in the tube amp).

Also should I worry about the ohms?

thanks so much.

Yeah it is a stereo cab. I did some research, however I can't change the ohms of the solid state head.

The solid state is 8ohms, and tube one can be 4/8/16, and the cab says it is 8ohms and can be run stereo (150watts mono, 75 stereo).

both heads are 100watts, so since only 75 watts are needed, I can't do this?

thanks Say Ocean.
No if both heads are 100w and you're trying to push them into a 75w speaker you'll damage it.
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First of all, he has 2 speakers rated at 75 watts each. Solid state amps operate differently then tube amps. Tube amps have power tubes that place load directly onto the speaker where as a SS amp won't. IbanezPsycho runs two - 120 watt tube heads into his 412 cab in stereo all day and night - but he has 4 speakers.

So to answer your question, I don't know for sure. It would probably work, I just wouldn't want to turn it up that loud. What is the amps and cab by the way? Here is a handy chart I got from IbanezPsycho. As you can see, what makes the difference is to whether or not your speakers run in series or in parallel. Use the formula's.

Watts don't matter so much in his case, as ohms (impedence) does. I'm not an expert on cabs either so maybe someone can correct me.
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Firstly, you can run a 100w amp into a 75w speaker, though you should take care not to turn the amp up too high. Likelihood is that the speaker could probably take the full 100w for a short length of time, but will probably be distorting heavily and will sound awful.

Secondly, if your cab is 8Ω in mono, each side will be 16Ω. While it is generally possible to mismatch ohmages by a half/double without damaging your amp (ie, with your amp running an 8Ω output, you can most likely get away with using a 4Ω or 16Ω cab), if I were you I'd be looking for a better long-term solution.
If you're willing to spend a bit of money, the Radial Cab-bone is a great piece of kit, that allows you to switch between 2 cabs, or run both simultaneously, while taking into account any ohmage disparities.