ok rmc wahs are the shit! i want one but they are so damn expensive. is there any wahs out there that sound just as badass but are cheaper?
You get what you pay for so if you want RMC tone, get the RMC.

Just save up.
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Which RMC?

You might be able to get a simialr tone of the Picture wah from a Vox V847 with mods. But if you want spot on of that wah, then yu mgith aswell get an RMC. A Halo inductor and all the other parts aren't cheap!
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yeah that is true rmc is top of the line. but i do already have a vox 487 is there anyway to mod it to get a wider sweep range?
There's a wah modding thread somewhere in the gear building forum, use the search bar.
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just change a couple of resistors and capacitors, and get a fasel inductor.
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