Why don't they make a rocket launcher with a sniper scope that fires like a machine gun? Surely theres enough technology now, it would give soldies a massive advantage.
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Well, tonight me and my roommates were watching The Prestige on dvd. We'd heard it was good but we really couldn't get into it. We got about half way in and decided to turn it off. We were debating what to do when one of my roomates, Andy comes out with a porn dvd and next thing i knew it was in the player and we were all sat around, 4 guys watching a porn together. It wasn't very good in all honesty. It was just three rather ugly women sitting around in a basement, I don't want to break the rules so i'll just say they were "having fun".

Long story short, 10 minutes later we were all sat there jerking off. (Our own, not each others)

Now I feel sort of wrong about it. I'm a straight guy and I just feel really dirty about the whole thing. I haven't really spoken to my roommates since then and I just went into my room and hopped on the internet after a while. So anyway, now i'm here feeling rather dirty knowing that I just sat in a room with 3 other guys having a wank. I had to get it off my chest and what better place to do so than the internet?

RE: your sig, you can't think of anything good to put above it either.