ok, not really wrote anything before, so don't expect anything great, but here it is. And by the way, don't know the firts thing about drums
pretty catchy, good riff (reminded me of http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2AbC_3MrKgA, not a fan of HIM but like that riff)

suggestion would be try to mix it up a little bit, and make the timing a little bit more "technical"(everyones favorite buzzword) it seemed to be about 90% 8th notes throughout the song. great start for a good song

i wouldnt mind a song eval if you got time, thanks.

pretty fun to listen to and play, but the Solo? part seems more like a Bridge to me.
yer, i thought solo needs some work, just i don't know anything about writing them lol. Thanks for the feedback though
Not bad for a first song. You need a little more rhythmic variation going on instead of the straight 8th note thing you've got going.

The solo does seem kind of like a bridge to me too, but at the same time what you did really does enforce the hook of the song quite a bit, so it's not really a bad thing.

The drums.... The drums are terrible. They destroy the flow and feel of the song. I strongly recommend that you take a long look at what other people have done with their drum tracks and try to copy them.

For something incredibly simple to start you off. Kick drum on 1st beat, snare on 3rd beat, hi-hat can go on 1st and 3rd, once on each beat, or you can just do straight 8th notes.

Once you've done that, you can try adding a few extra kick or snare shots in. You want to end up with something you can nod your head to.
catchy, haha nice job. Yea the solo is basically a higher pitch of the bridge, but all is well and good, i like it. Better than mine that i posted earlier xD

I thought the drums were fine'ish, could change it a little, but the drummer always tends to change it to suit them when playing anyway :P

Mind criting mine?
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