right, so my girlfriend finished with me this week, been with her for just over a year and she's now saying she doesn't love me any more but that she wants to be friends, she actually broke out into tears when I said I didnt think so but I've now said I'd give it a go
but she now says she likes this druggie feller, but she's never been into that shit before, and she's got her screen names and stuff which is generally known I will look at which is stuff that'd piss me off.

So what do you think pit?
Is she genuinely not wanting me at all, or just wanting some freedom etc. and perhaps maybe see sense in the future?
Get over it. She finished with you. She doesn't want you if she chucked you.
The Prime Factorisation of the number of the beast : 2x3x3x37
well it looks like her lifes gunna get alot worse.. enjoy it man, she sucks
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