i just got my guitar back from the shop because i tried to tune my guitar with floyd rose to drop C from standard (lol) anyway they gave it back to me in drop D... to tune it back to standard do i just loosen the 1 nut with the E and A string or do i have to loosen all 3 nuts when i tune it? considering im only changing 1 strings tuning.

also, does it ,matter if the bridge isnt completely parallel? because the guitar shop gave it back and its slightly low into the body.


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dude i ve always wondered about changing tunings with floyds.... im prity sure u can jsut losen the one nut to tune the low e... thats one reason i ve stayed aways from frs...
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1) Yes, you only need to unlock one nut pad.
2) The bridge should be parallel to the body (ideally)

When you detune it though, you will probably have to do some bridge and string pitch adjusting.
no, this will fail harsh, the idea of a floyd is that the string tension of what ever tuning you fancy has a perfect couteracting spring tension to keep everything parralell. if onestring goes out, they allgo out. so loosen the tension of each screw in the beack A HAIR AND I MEAN ONLY A HAIR and then be prepared to sit down for an hour or so to get the tuning to stay put.
mmmmkay, thanks. the bridge will be more or less parallel so thats ok

killing is my business... and business is good
Theoretically, you only need to unlock the one nut pad, but from my experience with my Floyd when you change the tuning of that one string, all the others are going to go flat so much that you would be better off undoing all the nut pads and tuning it up properly....you may not have to, but I'm just chucking my 2 cents in and saying that it might be a good idea!

And with regrads to the bridge, yes it should be parallel otherwise you're going to end up with problems with keeping the guitar in tune, all you need to do is take the plate off the back of the guitar then either tighten or loosen the screws there.....now here you will definately need to undo all the nut plates as it puts the whole guitar out!

What you should do is get the bridge parallel, tune up, check the bridge and if it's still parallel then you're golden, if not, repeat until everything's sorted

Although having said that, it depends how far out the bridge is, mine is maybe 1 degree or so out, if I close one eye and look down I can just about tell, but if you were to just look you would say it was flat and it keeps in tune better than any guitar I've ever had, and I abuse that bar like there's no tomorrow!

Hope that helps......