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Les Paul Studio
5 25%
SG Standard
3 15%
EC 1000 (Duncans)
10 50%
Hagstrom Super Swede
2 10%
Voters: 20.
- Gibson Les Paul Studio
- Gibson SG Standard
- LTD EC 1000 with Duncans
- Hagstrom Super Swede

Looking for input on each model. Played each, but admittedly for only a short period of time. I should note I may go used, thus evening out the prices somewhat. Want a good humbucking guitar for rock to compliment my Strat. Versitility, solid build and playability required.

Thanks guys.
Guitars don't have inputs.


EDIT: Now that I've read more than the title, sorry, I can't help. I'm a strat man
Always have to read beyond the title, lol. I prefer strats as well, but I'm looking to diversify. Thanks for the reply either way.
LTD EC-1000. Just prefer it to the others.

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I would go with LTD too, but a lot of it is personal preference!

I recognise that Gibsons are fantastic guitars, but I can't stand them, I feel like I'm trying to wrap my hand round a tree trunk, and they weigh a tonne as well!

edit: And I know nothing about hagstrom
For the price of those, I'd just pick up an ESP Eclipse-II. They're about $1000USD used.
Anyways, if the choice is between those, I'd have to say LTD.
I've heard the Eclipse ll is great but there are none around to try and I haven't seen many used (a couple on ebay, though I won't buy something I've never tried). I've only tried the EC1000 once, liked it and word of mouth on these guitars is great. Many people seem to have distain for the Studios, though the model I've been looking at is about 10 years old and they seem to be favored.
I'm a Hag owner, and I can say, despite some very minor things, well worth the money. Very LP like, but more a great rhythm type guitar rather than a lead. Tone, the fretboard (like glass) and the sustain is rather incredible.

I couldn't help notice that your selection in the poll was 1/2 the price of the others, and the Super Swede is a fender 25 1/2 neck as opposed to 24.75. You may have been thinking of the Swede instead, or the Select Swede, (which is the one I have) which would be Hagstrom's top-of-the-line at the moment, and a bit closer in price to the others on the list.
Personally, I've played the Gibson LP Studio and saw nothing wrong with it. Actually loved it. It's AMAZING for the price, and the closest thing to a LP Standard I'll ever touch. I'd recommend it.
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Thanks for the replies. I've heard mixed reviews about the new studios, I recently tried a few but none really stood out. Going back to the dealers this weekend to play some more, along with some SGs. May just stick a Duncan JB in the bridge of my strat and call it a day.
I went out and played a Les Paul Studio and a Custom today at the local store (Through an Orange Rocker 50 w/ Mesa Cabs! )

Sounded amazing, but I doubt you have that kinda dough.
But I do love those Les Pauls/