was pretty good. i liked the whole chaoticness of it.

yeah thats it.

im pretty bad at criting but good job
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This is way to crazy for me, not really my style, but I did like the cleaner stuff before the middle, really cool lil jazzy solo you threw in there.

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Meh. Some was ok, some good, especially the clean middle part.

I honestly thought you tried too hard to make it heavier [cause of the tuning]. The drums should be changed to make it heavier, and the guitars should be tuned up. Drop G# is not necessary.
heh, the tuning I originally had in drop c# which is what my six string is tuned to, but then I figured I'd be getting a seven string so I just down tuned accordingly, most likely though I'll just play it drop A so I can keep e standard tuning on the 7...
A lot the drum parts are for adding more of a groove then to make it heavy.
I'll re-upload with a few small changes.