This may be a lengthy post so I'll try to do it in paragraph format to avoid doing the wall of text. Also, I appreciate anyone who is willing to respond/help to my problem here.

I own a Fender Hot Rod Deville 410 and about 3 weeks ago while I was playing it, it just turned off out of nowhere. So I checked the fuse and it was blown. I went and got another fuse (it was the right one, triple checked). The guy behind the counter told me that a blown fuse usually means that something else is wrong with it since a fuse is the last line of defense apparently. He said that if it didn't work after I changed it I could call this certified amp repairman. Changing the fuse didn't work. I went onto Google to try to figure out why it wasn't even powering on and I found out that sometimes when tubes are completely dead the amp won't even power up. So I ordered new tubes after I realized that I hadn't changed them since January of 2007; I was so confident that this was the solution to my problem. Tubes came and after installation I still had the same problem.

So finally I decided to call up the local electrotech/amp repairman and described my problem. I brought it in and he called me the next day and said that the fuse had fallen out and it works just fine, so he's not charging me for any labor since I was dumb and didn't screw in the fuse tight enough. When I got home I took the amp for a testdrive and played for about 10 minutes and it sounded great. The next day I went to play again and it played well for about two minutes before it completely cut the sound and started humming loudly. I looked at the tubes and it still had the light blue glow, but there was way more orangey-red than anything, on the power tubes AND the pre-amp tubes. The fuse wasn't blown. I turned it off for 5 minutes and then turned it back on. Same thing, it played for 30 seconds and then cut out. I have only one idea about what the problem could be:

The new power tubes I got are Groove Tubes GT6L6CHP Black Plate (AKA: 5881)'s and the pre-amp ones I got were JJ Electronic ECC 83 S tubes. Since I'm new to the tube amps I'd never changed tubes before so I didn't think to look at the exact tubes it said to get on the amp itself.
Sounds like bad power tubes to me.
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Sorry! I accidentally enter after I pressed tab. Whoops. Ok, so when I ordered the new tubes I just used the old dead ones as a reference and didn't get the EXACT ones. They looked really close and had only a couple differences in the numbers/letters. On the amp it says to use "6L6GC" power tubes and "12A X7A" pre-amp tubes. Because they're not these tubes would it make my amp this messed up? Or is something else the problem? Thanks for any help!
Those tubes you got should work (ecc83 is just a different name for 12ax7 and the gc at the end just mean their crap groove tubes)

I'm try a different set of power tubes and see if that doesn't solve the problem.
I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not
may need to get it rebiased
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Sounds like redplating tubes. You shouldn't be seeing any orange/red glow on the plates. I take it that you didn't bias them?

Either way, if you're tubes were glowing red, they're on their way out. You can rebias them to the correct range but once a tube starts to red plate, they're on a slippery slope. I had a set of tubes redplate on me after I had biased them a little bit too hot and cranked the volume, and I rebiased but alas, they continue to redplate and are sure to blow out any day now.
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Thanks for everyone's advice so far. I am quite the moron when it comes to tech talk, but how would I go about re-biasing it? I know that it's usually inside the amp and if I don't know what I'm doing I'll get a huge shock. But, if someone were to explain it well enough or show a picture of how to do it would it be a dumb idea to take care of it myself? I'm a little wary about going into the same repairman who'll charge me a base of $65, then $65 for every hour after that just to flip a few knobs.

That's a very good site with tons of info and mods for hot rod amps.

That links specifically on how to bias them. It's very easy and I did it many times on the one I owned. All you need a cheap multimeter. You can get a decent one for 20 bucks from radio shack.

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I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not
Thanks! Also, I forgot to add that my pre-amp tubes have a very, very light orange glow to them too. Is that normal or should I be worried?