Specifically, Asheron's Call, WoW, and Everquest.

Anyone on UG an MMO person? What's your MMO of choice? MMO history?

My first MMO was Asheron's Call: Dark Majesty, and via nostalgia it is the best to me. AC2 was pretty enjoyable as well... But not like ACM. WoW wasn't very fun for me because I had no one to play with and the community sucked balls. I've never played Everquest, but I hear good things.
Ive played AC on and off since 99 or 00, cant remember exactly. best game ever, seriously. Ive played most mmorpgs (excluding korean or f2p ones) but none compare to AC1
My first was Everquest and then I moved onto WoW which got some unbelievable boring with BC that I quit.

I'm kinda thinking about getting warhammer but then I think to myself "if I could re-spend all that time I spent on WoW on the guitar I'd actually be able to do things with it." So unless its really amazing i'm gonna stay mmorpg free :O
Play WoW casually, MMOs get boring too fast.
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I play WoW right now, and Phantasy Star Universe on Xbox360. I might get Warhammer, don't know yet, depends on the reviews.
I play WoW but only during the holidays when I'm at home all day. At uni I'm too busy.

But yeah it's fun enough. MMORPGs get a lot more fun once you got a decent guild and you can properly interact with people rather than just typing to randoms you'll never see again.
Yeah I play WoW, it's fun and I'm in a good social guild so I don't have to talk to any retards lol.
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Gunz is pretty fun, but Ultima Online FTW
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I'm currently playing Wonderland Online... it's sorta like a Final Fantasy game...

just Sort Of.

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I have played WoW in the past.

I enjoyed it, it's heaps of fun.
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I play Guild wars its cool let know if anyone else plays
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gaming thread?

And MMORPGS suck the will to have a social life out of people
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Asheron's Call was the shiz. That was my first MMO. Since then I've played CoH, LotRO, WoW, Tabula Rasa, Guild Wars, and DDO. Not at the same time, obviously. I can't say I liked WoW, because everyone there is an ass, and I also can't say I enjoyed the gameplay. Despite the amount of games I've played, I'm not hardcore enough that I have no social life outside of a server. I know this guy who met a chick from Texas on WoW, and they're now dating. He even flew out there for a few days, and she actually was a chick, not a fifty-something man masquerading as a night elf.
Ive had it, for say, 2 years? Its a pretty good game, its much better than WoW in my opinion. Has more of a storyline, and much more realistic graphics. I think its a great game
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Well, MMORPGs are not a happy portion of my life.

When I was 14-16, Star Wars Galaxies consumed my life. I had 799 hours logged onto that game, which rounds out to one month of continuous play. I was epic at that game, it was a straight-up addiction, couldn't go a day without playing until they ruined the game.

Then I went into Eve a year or so ago, couldn't really stay into it.

Bottom line for anyone looking into an MMO; If you're going to play video games, play video games that are oriented around gaining some actual skill; not EXP. MMO's WILL suck up your life whether or not you think you can keep it at bay.
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