Hello, my name is Adam. I play bass for the Ohio metal band Suffer Beside Me. We are based out of the Lorain County area and are looking for a drummer. We practice in Brunswick, Ohio. We are a brand new band so we have very little music written yet. We want our playing style to kind of match some bands like unearth, acacia strain and killswitch engage. The band consist of myself on bass, cory on guitars and lead vox and chelsie on guitars.

We are looking for a good drummer that can handle a good ammount of double bass playing. We are looking for someone who is good at what they do but by no means a professional. We are not professionals and we do not claim to be, all the members of this band have improvements to make. I would say our skill level is about a good 6 or 7 out of 10. Also, we have just some little guide lines that you must meet...

- Must be under the age of 30, and over the age of 16.
- Must not do drugs (we do not care if you drink)
- Must have your own set and transportation
- Must not live too far away from Brunswick, Ohio or Lorain County

If you are interested please message me us on here or you can drop us a line on our myspace page. www.myspace.com/sufferbesideme

Thanks to all who read...

-Suffer Beside Me
Are you saying you are a drummer and your interested? or are you stating that they are just hard to come by?
I am no drummer and yes they are hard to come by. However, I may be able to send some your way. Id need info, like, how many times a week is practice, does it have to be at the drummers house (bcuz transporting the kit can be a pain in the ass i imagine) and so on.
Yeah thanks, we are currently practicing in Brunswick. We play in Drop C Tuning. We practice like 1 or 2 days a week. We are wanting to gig like once every two weeks or more. It doesn't have to be at the drummers house but would be alot easier if it was. The drummer can leave his kit at our practice spot if he would like, we all leave our stuff there. If you need anymore information just let me know. Thanks again.
Ok sounds good, I shall try and get back to you at the earliest convenience. I will tell them about it wednesday because I am sick and called of tomorrow.
Okay cool man, I look forward to hearing from you soon. Many thanks...

To everyone else reading this post, we are still holding auditions for drummers so please let me know if you want to get an audition going.