1971 Fender Stratocaster

4-bolt neck


100% Original - all parts and finish

Original Hard Shell Case

Original Hang Tag

Original Trem Cover

Incredible Condition - near mint

This guitar was recently appraised and inspected at Rock N Roll Vintage in Chicago.

I can send pics to you thru email. My jpgs exceed the max file size for the forum.

This is what my guitar looks like. However, I am not asking for $25k like this shop is:


Serious inquiries shoot me an email or an Instant Message to:

how much u askin for it?
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Upload the pics to bayimg or photobucket or something...
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I'll try to put them up on photobucket later tonight. Stay tuned.
Pics are up, including a scan of the appraisal. Check them out at the photobucket link. I'd be willing to negotiate a bit on the price too if anyone is interested.
how much £££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££
I'd be willing to negotiate a bit on the $19500. I could probably go to $18000.

1971 strats like these and mine are very hard to find because of the one-piece maple neck. It is much more common to see the rosewood fingerboard on these guitars. The one-piece maple neck is quite rare and highly sought after.

Here are some other 1971 4-bolt strats with one-piece maple necks for sale from other places:

1. This one is $25k and it appears to be in the same condition that mine is in. This is the most comparable one to mine for sale. You could have mine in the same condition and save yourself $7k.


2. This one is $14k, but it's not in as good condition as mine. This one is NOT 100% original either. The description says changed nut and refret. Mine is 100% original and the original frets are in spectacular condition. Why spend $14k on a guitar that is not 100% original when mine is only a few thousand more?


3. This one is $15k, but the condition is not as good as mine. It does not say whether or not it is 100% original.

Anyone interested?

If not, can anyone give me some links to other forums where I may find people who would want it?

Sorry to say mate, but i dont think many people here will be into spending that much on a guitar, you might try Harmony-Central, but UG is mostly for younger people who aren't into 15k+ guitars.
Thanks ClementeWave,

I have a post for it on harmony-central. Gearpage.net wants to charge me $50 to post a "for sale" thread though.
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Thanks ClementeWave,

I have a post for it on harmony-central. Gearpage.net wants to charge me $50 to post a "for sale" thread though.

it really is the place your most likely to sell it though. loads of vintage collectors and rich people on it.