Hey guys,

I know there is a thread for the love of 7s, but I have a specific question about it.

My band plays in numerous tunings, E standard, Drop D and C etc. I want to have a low tuned guitar, but in standard. A 7 string is what I've decided would be epic. I'd either keep it in B standard or possibly downtune to A standard. I play metal of all kinds, mostly death and thrash. I don't need the top of the line, but I'm not cheap so suggest anything you find worthy.

Now, I love mahogany and EMGs on my 6 strings, but do I need mahogany on a 7? What would you suggest for my tastes? Preferably something I wouldn't need to swap pups on. I don't need EMG's but I'd like something with a bit of treble and good gain.
Active pickups are very punchy and aggressive, so not only are they good for metal, they dont get very muddy (barring a shitty amp).